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Meijer 101


Meijer sales in the Metro Detroit locations run from Sunday – Saturday. They may run on alternate days in other regions so check your local store ad at www.meijer.com.


Meijer offers Community Rewards through both the Meijer One Card and the Meijer Credit Card.

You will receive 2 Community Rewards credit card sized cards and one keyring card (Meijer 1 Cards) to scan when you make purchases at Meijer. You can link this card to your community program or group such as a church or a school. The community program you choose will receive a percentage of the amount you spend.

As of March 2011 UPromise credit is only available on meijer.com and you will no longer get UPromise credit on in-store purchases.


As of November 1, 2014, Meijer does not price match competitor’s advertised prices.


As of August 25, 2013 Meijer no longer doubles coupons at any of their locations.


mPerks is the Meijer digital coupon program. You can register for mPerks here: Meijer. Once you use your text-enabled cell phone number to register, you digitally “clip” the coupons which adds them to your online account. Then when checking out at the register enter your phone number and the coupons will be deducted from your total. Digital mPerks ‘store’ coupons MAY be stacked with paper manufacturer coupons – go HERE to learn how to tell which is a ‘store’ mPerks coupon and which is a ‘manufacturer’ mPerks. Digital coupons will not double and are one-time use only. You can have one mPerks account per cell phone number. To read more about mPerks go HERE and to sign up for mPerks go HERE.


Effective April 15, 2012 Meijer will accept coupons from major competitors in each store’s trading area, for Grocery, Health and Beauty Care items.

Meijer will accept competitor coupons from Food Retailers or Mass Merchandise Retailers. Meijer defines Mass Merchandise Retailers as a retail store offering both food and general merchandise/apparel under one roof. Coupons from Club Stores and Dollar Stores will not be accepted.

Meijer does not accept competitor coupons for beer, wine, liquor, cigarettes, double and triple coupons, clearance, percent off, total trans- action discounts, special promotions, gift card promotions, limited quantity items, mail-in rebate offers, and going out of business sales


You can use (1) store or competitor’s coupon and (1) manufacturer coupon per item. This is referred to as “stacking” coupons.


Meijer offers Rain Checks on out of stock items featured in the Weekly Sale Ad. They are valid from 30 days from the date on the Rain Check. Always get a rain-check if the item you want is not in stock. Even if you think you’ll just stop in later in the week you might get busy or forget. The rain-check also gives you more time to find more coupons!!